Wednesday, 13 May 2009

love for inanimate objects...

at the request of lilmiss i am writing a blog in a few spare moments i have found along the way.... not only have i managed to locate my blog through benny's blog, i have also managed to remember my login details... quite an achievement...

so, what to write about?

i have fallen deeply and head over heels in love with an inanimate object, named mac. mac is a sexy sleek machine, soft to the touch, a smooth operator and constantly in the forefront of my mind at the moment. magnetic to the touch, neatly packaged, and generally aesthetically pleasing... i have purchased a macbook, but not only have i purchased a new laptop i feel i have purchased a relationship! in the words of goldfrapp 'i'm in love with a strict machine' mac love, mac bliss...

i then had a little ponder about other inanimate objects i am more than fond of..

in certain pieces of music as the violin note exudes is cleaves to the very essence of my emotional being and strikes a chord deep within like a miniscule opening of my entire being. the sound of the string hones itself to the core of my emotions, making a minute hole through which my emotional response squeezes, then pours itself forth...


elemental. warm. relaxation. gathering. building. emerging. socialisation. celebration.

the sea

i am my best self by the sea. the sea spray is like moisture to my face as i incline my face upwards towards the horizon. it's a looking outwards, a sound that is pleasing, it calls me out and forth to immerse my being in its depth. always a spiritual experience where i feel god closer. a place of stillness and peace. part of my identity.

solitude and silence

it is not good for man to be alone, but at times solitude and silence make excellent company. it is a space away from my identity as mother. ally time. ally being. ally resting. ally seeking god time. ally refreshing. often awakening the dawn and watching the morning emerge.


the reason, reasoning, discussion, meter and rhyme, unconscious, conscious utterances. recounts our evasive senses of fulfilment and the death of dreams together with hope on the horizon and awakening of spring within. testimonial of things that pass or shall pass, the hope of things to come and a journaling of promises from on high. temporary, fleeting emotions. the pleasure found in others' craftsmanship of words. spiritual words that inhabit our being and become part of us.


going into another space as i find pleasure in capturing images. producing images for display in my environment, enlivening my decor. creativity. subsequent photo editing. production of pleasing images. capturing moments with my children.

i shall leave aside my intimate relationship with chocolate, the pleasure of clothes and material pleasures... so here's my lil list, my lil piece of writing and my lil blog..... at the request of lil... i may come back soon?


Anonymous said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, hehe, now keep at it, i must say!, your mac sounds very nice, im wwith u on the sea and the writing, i love writing, but has to be at the right timings, so glad u blogged, love ya much babe xxxxx

Ally said...

yw.... just glad i didnt rave about my new bras!!