Wednesday, 27 June 2007

proud mother...

today ophy and santana had sports day at school and both won their running races.... ophy came away with 3 1sts and santana with 2 1sts.... hoorah!!!

it's amazing to see their little faces at these moments - so excited and proud. santana said 'i just believed in myself!'

i would like to take the credit for passing on their athletic genes, but unfortunately it had nothing to with me!! their father was a school champion runner (and i think later he had to run fast to get out of a number of tricky situations!!!!!)

there are celebrations galore tonight in our house and real senses of achievement in the little ones - well done santana and ophir!!!

and well done mummy - 3 hours standing in the freezing cold with terrible back pain - even with pain killers!!


Ann Marie said...

YAY !!! well done kids. I'm so glad you are a proud mum and you deserve an award for braving the elements.

Anonymous said...

AWWWWW !!! well done kids , and well done mummy , i would liked to have been there to and take part in the egg and spoon race instead of working hehe !!! xx gb